Put a protective coating on windows so that the water beads up and they stay clean longer

How to:

  1. Once you have thoroughly cleaned the windows, put a protective coating on that will make them seem like teflon.
  2. Use Rain-X, according to directions, on the outside windows. Find Rain-X at home centers, big box stores and auto part stores.
  3. This is a spray and wipe process
  4. When you use Rain-X, water will bead up on the windows and roll away.
  5. When the water quits beading up it is time to do the treatment again.

Warnings & Cautions:

Don't spray Rain-X on metal or vinyl window parts. Keep it only on the glass. Wear gloves when working with this Wear gloves when applying Rain-X

Linda Says:

Don't forget, Rain-X works on car windshields (that's what it was invented for) and also on glass shower doors. This works great in the rain, because the water will roll right off the window.
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