Marble is highly susceptible to water rings and marks. When a glass is placed on a marble surface, condensation can drip down the outside of the glass and create a puddle of water. When the water evaporates, it leaves behind calcium and magnesium (hard water), which form a stain on the marble.

How to:

  1. Combine 3 - teaspoons baking soda and 1 - quart warm water. Mix well.
  2. Dip a microfiber cleaning cloth in the cleaning solution. It it will provide gentle scrubbing.
  3. Scrub the stain firmly until the water mark is removed.
  4. As you work be sure you keep the solution well mixed.
  5. Re-wet the cloth as often as needed.
  6. Allow the marble to air dry for a few hours or overnight. Don't rinse yet, let it dry.
  7. Now rinse the solution from the marble with cool water.
  8. Dry thoroughly with a clean microfiber cloth. Do not use your dishcloth or sponge. It will spread residue on the marble surface.
  9. If there is still a slight stain. Repeat process.
  10. If a slight stain still remains take a piece of FINE (0000) steel wool and firmly rub the spot, working only in the direction of the grain.
  11. Do Not rub in circles or any direction other than with the grain.
  12. Do Not wet the surface. It MUST be dry.
  13. Rinse with cool water and buff dry with a clean micro fiber cloth.


Buy steel wool at home centers and hard ware stores.

Warnings & Cautions:

SOS and Brillo pads are NOT steel wool and will scratch the marble. Marble is a porous stone. It should be sealed yearly. Marble will absorb anything spilled on it including, red wine, meat juices, tomato-based products, etc.

Why it Works:

Baking soda is a mild abrasive and buffed the stain away.

Linda Says:

Wipe up spills on Marble immediately. If you love the look of marble and don't want the time consuming upkeep, check out man made quartz products that look just like marble and require almost no upkeep.
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