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Hidden Places You Should Clean

About this Tip:

Cleaning switch plates and doorknobs. Switch plates and doorknobs are some of the dirtiest places in your home. Many people touch them many times a day. Think about the bathroom doorknob and switch plate. These areas should be cleaned once a week to prevent not only the transfer of germs to other surfaces, but also eColi and other harmful bacteria.

Cleaning switch plates and doorknobs

How to:

  1. Use a micro fiber cloth wrung out in hot water or a disinfecting wipe
  2. *When someone is sick or has been sick, it is particularly important to do this.
  3. While doing it, grab that air freshener in the bathroom and wipe it down and do the toilet handle too!

Warnings & Cautions:

Don't grab one wipe or one cloth and try to clean all the switch plates and doorknobs in the house. Switch them out frequently so you don't spread germs from one surface to another

Linda Says:

Remember to clean the remote control for the TV and game controllers. These are very important to clean often!