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Floor Cleaning

About this Tip:

What you should do before you wash hard floors. Want spostless floors? Do this before you wash them.

What you should do before you wash hard floors

How to:

  1. A micro fiber floor sweeper, also called a dry mop, will pick up grime on hard surfaces.
  2. To avoid pushing dirty water around on your floors, dry mop them first.
  3. Once you have dry mopped you will have removed the dirt that can basically turn into muddy water.
  4. Now use a wet Micro fiber mop to wash the floors.
  5. Wring the mop head out in hot water and wash the floors. If you have a large number of hard floors, invest in additional mop heads.
  6. Do not use any cleaning products. They are not necessary when using micro fiber and will leave residue on the floors, much like washing your clothes and not rinsing.
  7. To Care For Micro fiber: Shake out the dry mop or vacuum it, and put it and the wet mop heads in the washer.
  8. Wash in warm water with ONLY detergent, no additives that will ruin the micro fiber.
  9. Allow to air dry.
  10. If you have a number of mops and cloths to wash, dry them in the dryer on very low heat or the air dry setting.

Warnings & Cautions:

Do Not use bleach, fabric softener, essential oils or anything other than plain detergent. It will ruin the microfiber.

Linda Says:

Use your dry mop to clean the floors whenever needed. It's great for dry mopping the kitchen and picking up lint, bits of food and pet hair between washings. You can use it on all hard floors. Always buy the best quality micro fiber you can afford. It will last for years and do a wonderful job.

Why It Works:

The micro fiber picks up and contains dirt and germs. It will leave no residue to attract more dirt when used with only water. It is the composition of the fabric and the weave that makes it work so well.