How to clean up spills on hard surfaces. This includes liquids and things like pasta sauce, egg, and gravies, etc.

How to:

  1. Quickly grab the flour
  2. Cover the spill heavily with flour and allow it to absorb. This will keep the spill from spreading
  3. Use a pancake turner, plate scraper or dull straight edge to lift the spill and toss
  4. Use your favorite spray cleaner or a little water and dish soap to clean up residue

Why it Works:

Flour is 90% starch and gluten. The heavy starch content makes it very absorbent.

Linda Says:

This will work on floors, counters, stove and cook tops etc. It will keep the spill from spreading and make clean up easier by not spreading the mess around as you try to clean it up.
Cleaning Tip Title: Cleaning Up Spills on Hard Surfaces
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