What You Need:

  • Stain Treatment
  • Detergent
  • Whitener

How to:

  1. Treat stains and dirt residue as soon as possible
  2. Apply a pretreater to collars and cuffs even if you don't see dirt
  3. Wash whites every time you wear them
  4. Use a whitener as needed to remove discoloration and residue. One I like: WHITE BRITE(tm) Find it in laundry aisle. Use according to directions

Linda Says:

Fels Naptha Laundry Bar Soap(tm) is a great spotter for white clothes. Find it in the laundry spotter area. Wet the area to be spotted and work in the Fels Naptha Soap. Launder as usual.
Cleaning Tip Title: White Jeans and Shirts
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  1. White Jeans
  2. White Clothes
  3. Removing discoloration from white clothes
  4. How to clean white jeans
  5. Removing yellowing from whites
  6. How to keep whites, white
  7. White shirts
  8. Discolored white shirts

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