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Water Marks, Heat Scars, and White Rings on Wood Furniture

What You Need:

  • Mayonnaise
  • Petroleum Jelly
  • Butter or Margarine
  • Optional: Cigarette Ashes or Rottenstone (find at hardware stores)
  • Non-Gel White Toothpaste

How to:

  1. Massage mayonnaise into the marks and leave it on overnight.
  2. Wipe off the mayonnaise and the marks should be gone
  3. You can also use petroleum jelly (Vaseline) , butter or margarine the same way
  4. For stubborn spots, mix cigarette ashes (harder to find now) or rottenstone (Available at hardware stores) with the mayonnaise and repeat the procedure
  5. Nongel white toothpaste is also effective in removing white water rings
  6. Dab toothpaste on a damp cloth and gently massage the ring in a circular motion until it is gone
  7. Wipe and buff with a soft cloth.
  8. Apply furniture polish if necessary

Linda Says:

Check outside smoking areas for a few cigarette ashes that you can pick up wearing a throw away glove.
Cleaning Tip Title: Water Marks, Heat Scars, and White Rings on Wood Furniture
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