What You Need:

  • Very hot or boiling water
  • Appropriate size container to hold the filter(s)
  • DAWN Ultra Dish Washing Liquid
  • Baking Soda
  • Brush with a handle
  • Paper Towels

How to:

  1. Remove filter(s) from vent hood
  2. Fill sink or other container with hot or boiling water
  3. Add about 1 - Tablespoon of dish soap
  4. Add a good handleful of baking soda
  5. Stir the water with a brush to combine the ingredients
  6. Submerge the filters in the solution
  7. Let sit 10 - 20 minutes
  8. Use the brush to scrub the filter
  9. Rinse well with hot water and follow with a cool rinse
  10. Dry with paper towels
  11. DO NOT replace the filters until they are totally dry.
  12. Stand on edge to drain and dry

Linda Says:

If it has been a long time since you cleaned the filter, repeat if needed.
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