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Stiff Yellow Underarm Stains

What you need:

  • Enzyme-soaking product - such as Biz All Fabric Bleach(TM)
  • Cold Water
  • Plastic Bag (Large enough for garment)

How to:

  1. Make a stiff paste of the powder by mixing it with cold water.
  2. Rub it into the stained areas.
  3. Put the gament in a plastic bag and leave for 8 hours or overnight.
  4. Wash in very hot water.
  5. For fabrics that can't withstand hot water, drape the underarm area over a sink and pour 1 quart of hot water through the fabric, then launder as usual.


Use natural deodorant products that don't contain staining ingredients.

Warnings & Cautions:

Don't iron over a deodorant stain or you will never be able to remove it.