How to remove a coffee spill in an emergency

How to:

  1. As soon as you spill coffee on yourself flush it immediately with COLD water or dab it with a wet cloth or paper towel. Place a dry cloth under the stained area to absorb moisture
  2. Apply Laundry Detergent or spot remover.
  3. Use cold water again to blot and remove spot
  4. Toss in the washer or take to the dry cleaner as soon as possible

Warnings & Cautions:

Do not try to spot leather or fur. Blot the stained area and take to a pro Do not use hand or dish soap. They do not have enzymes to break down the organic coffee stain

Why it Works:

The enzymes typically contained in laundry detergents break down the organic coffee stain

Linda Says:

If you are in a restaurant ask for Club Soda and blot with that. The Carbonation will bubble up the coffee spill and the carbonation will keep it from staining SURPRISE TIP: Drink your coffee or tea (hot or cold) from a straw to avoid
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