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Red Wine Stains

What you need:

  • Club Soda or Seltzer
  • Salt
  • Very hot or Boiling water (Use boiling water for cottons and fabrics that can tolerate it, hot for other fabrics)

How to:

  1. Dab the stain with a paper towel damplened with club soda (For a large stain, pour it on)
  2. Sprinkle the entire stain with salt
  3. Allow to sit atleast minutes so the slat absorbs the liquid
  4. Lay the stain tightly across a sink or a bowl larfe enough to fit the stain. (Putting a rubberband across it is a good way to keep it tight)
  5. Pour the very hot or boiling water through the stain from a height of at least 8 inches - use care
  6. Wash on the hottest setting for the fabric type

Why It Works:

The club soda has carbonation that bubbles the stain to the surface. The slats keep it from staining and remove it. Pouring the water from the height forces the stain out.