What You Need:

  • Queen of Clean Cookware Powder Cleaner [link to store]
  • Water
  • Sponge or paper towels
  • Micro fiber cloth, paper towels or rag

How to:

  1. Wet sink
  2. Sprinkle on Queen of Clean Cookware Powder Cleaner
  3. Rub powder firmly in on the side and bottom of sink with a sponge or paper towel
  4. Rinse really with warm water to remove powder
  5. Buff dry with cloth, micro fiber cloth or paper towel

Linda Says:

It is normal for discoloration to come off of the sink as you are rubbing with th3 powder cleaner. As a good follow up to this cleaning, spray the dry and polished stainless steel sink with Queen of Clean Stainless Steel Appliance Cleaner. This will put a protective coating on the sink and provide an amazing shine.
Cleaning Tip Title: Polishing Stainless Steel Sink
Recommended Products: Cookware - Powder Cleaner Stainless Steel Applicance Cleaner
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