What You Need:

  • Many times old wood trunks and dressers will have a musty odor or old smell
  • White Bread (Yes, it must be white)
  • Bowl to hold bread
  • White Vinegar

How to:

  1. Place bread in bowl
  2. Cover with white vinegar
  3. Put the bowl in the dresser drawers or trunk
  4. Leave enclosed for 24 hours
  5. If odor remains, repeat the process
  6. If mildew odor persists in dresser drawers, shellac or varnish the inside of them
  7. Odor will be sealed in and eliminated

Why it Works:

The combination of the yeast in the bread and the vinegar work to eliminate smells
Cleaning Tip Title: Odor in Wood Trunks, Dressers, and Chests
WP Forms Entry ID: 1661


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