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Natural Disinfectant for Hard Surfaces

What you need:

  • Bottle of 3% Hydrogen Peroxide (drug store variety)
  • Quart Bottle of White Vinegar
  • 2 - Sprayers from Quart Size DIY Spray Bottles
  • Micro fiber cloth, paper towels or rag

How to:

  1. Remove lids Hydrogen Peroxide and Vinegar Bottles
  2. Replace them with sprayers from Quart size Spray Bottles
  3. Hold your Peroxide in one hand and Vinegar in the other
  4. Spray (mist setting) Hydrogen Peroxide over the hard surface to be disinfected
  5. Immediately spray (mist setting) the white vinegar over the peroxide
  6. Wait about 5 minutes - It is important to allow this 5 minutes for the disinfecting to take place
  7. Wipe with paper towels or cloth

Warnings & Cautions:

Do not use this method of disinfecting on granite, marble or other stone. Keep the products in separate bottles. Do not mix them in one bottle. When they are combined in one bottle a new chemical that is corrosive will form. They they must be used separately. Hydrogen Peroxide comes in a brown opaque bottle because it is extremely light sensitive. Leave it in the original bottle to use it to protect it from light.

Linda Says:

I buy my spray bottles at the $$$ Store and use the sprayers from them on the hydrogen peroxide and vinegar. It is easier than transferring the products to other bottles, especially since hydrogen peroxide must be in the opaque bottle.