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Ice Cream Spills on Clothes

What you need:

  • Enzyme Detergent
  • Cool Water
  • Queen of Clean OOPS POOLS & PEE(TM)
  • Container to hold 4 cups
  • Tablespoon Measuring Spoon

How to:

  1. 4 - Cups Cool Water
  2. 1 - Tablespoon Enzyme Detergent
  3. Soak stain in this mixture for 30 minutes
  4. Apply Pretreater
  5. Wash according to care label
  6. For chocolate, add fabric-safe bleach
  7. OR
  8. Satruate the stain with Queen of Clean OOPS POOPS & PEE(TM) Enzyme Cleaner
  9. Let sit 30 minutes
  10. Launder according to care label

Linda Says:

Queen of Clean OOPS POOPS & PEE is an enzyme cleaner that digests and removes protein based stains like pet accidents, sweat, eggs,milk and other protein based stains like ice cream.