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Got Creepy Crawlies – Bed Bugs??

What you need:

  • Flashlight - You can use your phone for a flashlight
  • Blow Dryer

How to:

  1. At a hotel/motel etc pull back the bedding to expose the mattress
  2. Examine the binding and seams on the mattress looking for small bugs or movement that shouldn't be there.
  3. Turn a blow dryer on low heat and aim it at the head of the mattress around the binding and seams. Do the same thing on the sides.
  4. Warm the area well
  5. Heat will stimulate and activate bugs so you can see what crawls out.


Bed bugs require a host to survive. That's us. They will lay in wait in bedding at motels and hotels for their next meal. They are drawn to you by heat and movement. That's why it is so important to check for bed bugs when staying somewhere. Bed Bugs hitch a ride on clothes, luggage and other things to get from place to place. Larger travel cities have more problems because of the number of people coming and going. Bed Bugs are now being found in movie theaters, airplanes and anywhere people gather.

Linda Says:

Check our BED BUG section for tips on removing them and being sure they are gone. Also, easy ways to know if you have an infestation.