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Fugitive Color Stains from Wash Cycle

What you need:

  • Synthrapol(TM) or Carbona Color Run Remover(TM)

How to:

  1. Follow ALL directions on either product to treat fugitive color on fabrics.


Quilters have used Synthrapol(TM) for years to remove color that runs in homemade quilts. Be sure to read ALL directions before use.

Warnings & Cautions:

Carbona Color Run Remover(TM) is extremely effective on cotton fabrics. It is NOT for delicates or some blends, so do read the box with care. It may cause damage to buttons and, in some cases, zippers. You may want to remove these prior to treating.

Linda Says:

Fugitive color is color that has run from one fabric to another during the wash cycle.