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DIY Dust Cloths

What you need:

  • Soft cloths or Micro Fiber cloths (I like using these best - they can be inexpensive ones)
  • Pure lemon oil (comes in a bottle where furniture polish is sold. It is not spray furniture polish. Furniture polishes contain chemicals that will dry out furniture. Lemon oil is pure and will not.
  • Container with a tight lid that will hold the amount of cloths you want to make

How to:

  1. Fold the cloths in half
  2. Using pure lemon oil, zig zag a squirt down the length of each cloth
  3. Flip and do the other side
  4. Put in a container with a lid
  5. Allow a week before using for the oil to penetrate the cloths
  6. I make about 6 - 8 cloths at a time
  7. Remove a cloth, dust and return it to the covered container
  8. Once they are heavily soiled, wash them all at the same time without other clothes or cloths.
  9. Treat them again and dust

Linda Says:

These cloths will gather up dust and dirt and will also leave a great shine on the furniture without building up on it or smearing. You can also dust plastic and other hard surfaces with these.