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Covering Scratches on Wood Furniture

What you need:

  • crayons
  • Pecan or Walnut
  • Blow Dryer
  • Old rag

How to:

  1. To cover scratches on wood furniture, use a crayon or a mix of crayons, to match the wood
  2. Work them into the scratched area until you are satisfied with the color
  3. Using a blow dryer, set on hot, heat the area where you put the crayon.
  4. Once it is heated well, use an old rag to blend in the crayon to the scratch and surrounding area
  5. Touch up with more crayon if needed
  6. For darker woods you can also rub the meat of a pecan or walnut into the scratch and buff well
  7. To cover scratches on mahogany or cherrywood be sure to add the addition of a dark red or burgandy colored crayon with brown ones to get th best match