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Candle Wax On Carpet

What you need:

  • Ice
  • Plastic Bag
  • Brown paper bag
  • Iron
  • Carpet spotter

How to:

  1. Put ice in a plastic bag and lay on top of wax
  2. Allow it to freeze
  3. Chip off all the wax you can
  4. Lay brown paper over the spill (a grocery bag works great. Use the part without writing on it)
  5. Press with a medium/hot iron. Keep the iron ONLY on the paper, do not touch the carpet with it.
  6. Move the paper as it absorbs so you don't redeposit the wax on the carpet
  7. Have patience and continue as long as any wax shows up on the bag
  8. This step is vital so use patience and take your time
  9. Apply a good carpet spotter according to directions