Mold and Mildew Remover

A natural and easy to make mold stain remover. Contains no bleach that can ruin fine finishes.

Natural Cleanser

This is a natural cleanser that you can make yourself and keep on hand for repeated use

Dishwasher Rinse Aid

Instead of using store-bought, chemical-laden, dishwasher rinse aids use this. Your dishes will sparkle for less money and with fewer harsh chemicals.

How To Vacuum Correctly

Getting the most out of the time you spend vacuuming. What to do, when and how. Follow this and you won’t suck at vacuuming!

How To Remove Caulk

How to remove stubborn stuck on caulking. This is not the time for DIY concoctions. Don’t waste your time. Sometimes the truth is you need to use the big guns.

Lint On Clothes

How to remove lint from clothes. You accidentally got your good blouse in with the towels when you did the laundry. Now it has lint on it! Here’s what to do.

Removing Nail Polish

This will help to remove small nail polish spills on carpet and other synthetic fibers

Got Bugs?

How to get rid of Mosquitoes, Dog ticks, Pantry Moths and Ants in a safe. natural way

Emergency Oven Cleaning

What to do when you have an oven spill while cooking. Stop burning the odor, smoke and make it easy to clean