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"Talking Dirty with the Queen of Clean"
Tips and products from New York Times Best Selling Author Linda Cobb, the Queen of Clean.
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  If you are going out to drink a little green beer or perhaps you and the kids are frosting St Paddy Day cookies green or maybe you are cooking corned beef and cabbage I've got solutions to t  

Itís that time of year when the weeds are popping up everywhere, usually faster than the actual flowers that we take such good care of.† Here are some natural weed killers that are safe for you to use  

Keeping the house smelling great is a priority for everyone. Here's some great advice on how to achieve that in a safe, natural way. HERBAL FRESHENER Combine 1 cup Witch Hazel l  

RICH, MOIST, DELICIOUS, SINFUL, CHOCOLATE MUFFINS.....containing NO flour or sugar and only 58 Calories!! These muffins are very similar to Chocolate Chunk Vita Top Muffins. Awesome  

One of the questions I get asked the most is about cleaning soap scum from tubs and showers. Today I want to give you a formula that I have used and demonstrated on TV. It's one that really does work.  

Those yellow armpit stains just keep showing up. In shirts, tee shirts, workout clothes, sports wear. Here is a concoction that will remove that mess and it can be used on colored clothes too as long  

Kids toys get dirty, they pick up germs and maybe you bought some great toys at a mom-to-mom sale or a garage sale. Now what do you do to clean and sanitize them? Actually it's easy. Hard T  

I have had quite a few emails lately asking if I have a homemade laundry soap recipe. I do have one, but I do not recommend it for HE Washers because it can get sudsy. If you use it in your HE washer,  

How you remove the soot from fireplace brick, stone and surrounding walls is very important. If you do it the wrong way the soot will be set in and you will have to stain kill and paint to remove it f  

Here's more cleaning products you can make at home quickly, easily and for pennies. You can watch me do it by going to the queenofclean.com home page and clicking on the TV 3 icon.  

It's so cold here in Arizona today that I thought I would make my Oven Stew for dinner. I have made this for years and it is totally easy and delicious. Thought I would share it with you.

Hey everyone in Arizona......We are going to be bitterly cold starting Friday night into Tuesday. By that I mean lows in the 20's! A lot of you are going "that's cold"? Well, in MI, OH, places like th  

Today on TV's Good Morning Arizona I did a segment on removing mold and mildew from showers. I also talked about a product to protect CLEAR GLASS from soap and mineral build up. This product puts a ba  

Tonight, while browning pork chops in a small amount of oil in my favorite skillet, I was reminded what a pain it can be to remove the browned/over- browned and burned bits when you are done. Here's w  

This is the time of the year to start saving money and cleaning in a healthier way by making your own cleaning products. It is easy and inexpensive to clean with safe natural products that you make yo  

CHRISTMAS CLEAN UP HELPERS No room seems to get dirtier than the kitchen. Here are some tips to make your clean up easier.
  • On cookies sheets, when baki  

Here are a few things to watch out for:
  • Holiday plants such as holly, poinsettia and mistletoe can be toxic. Please keep them away from us - and from small children too.
  • Cats lo  

Perhaps it the neighbor with a gift, perhaps an old friend wanted to say "Hi". It's great, but what do you do when the house is a wreck. Try my 15 minute clean up! It's a speedy way to look "company r  

iRobot Roomba-This does the vacuuming for you. You can set it to clean at a certain time each week or multiple times. It vacuums under and around furniture and adjusts to carpeted or  

I am always looking for quick and easy recipes for when life is hectic. You know, you work all day, have cleaning to do and still need dinner. This is a recipe that my neice, Kimarie, recommended. It  

At this time of year we are all looking for a little gift for teachers, neighbors, etc. This is quick, easy, fun and something the kids can help with. MAKING YOUR OWN GEL AIR FRESHENER
Many of you ask what stores best in the fridge, or how can we protect some of those items that tend to go bad over time. Here are some great ideas. HOMEMADE COOKIES: They will stay fresh longer tha  

The party was great last night, but darn that person who spilled a drink on you during the celebration. Here's what to do. If the fabric is dry-clean only (check out th  

All of us have had an experience where we attempt to clean something and it just goes wrong leaving us with an even bigger mess. Here's what to do for some of those mes  

The holidays are quickly approaching and everybody can use a little extra help when it comes to getting meals on the table. This one will save you a huge amount of time and you can have the house clea  

My email has been full of questions about underarm stains. Obviously a lot of you are getting in shape for the holidays! We all know that underarm stains are, well, the pits! Here's some handy advice  

The holidays can be stressful and sometimes events come up that we're not prepared for. If you need a quick dish to pass or something for the kids at school here is the easiest cookie recipe ever!
I want to share an awesome natural cleaner that you can make up easily at home. It will replace your all- purpose cleaners and cleansers for use in the bathroom and kitchen. HEALTHY EARTH SCRUB . 1  

It's getting brisk out there and we are all pulling out our sweaters. I know I can't wait for the weather to cool down here in Arizona so I can wear mine! I want to share with you some easy ways to ke  

Good Morning! Today I want to talk about some great and unusual uses for non-stick cooking spray. But first, on Friday I will be posting a fantastic crock pot recipe for a roasted chicken that is so g  

Here's some uses for TOOTHPICKS that you may not have thought of: Use different color picks when cooking steaks to indicate rare, medium and well done. To cook a potato faster in the microwave,  

I haven't shared an awesome recipe with you for a while. Last night I tried this recipe for Chicken Quesadillas that I got from April Warnecke from 3-TV's Good Morning AZ. It is so good! This would be  

I get asked about cleaning that awful mineral deposit line out of the toilet almost more than anything else. Here's what you need to do and it's easy! Shut the water off at the toilet tank and flus